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Mini-Tennis is organised by LTA licensed coaches to maximise your child's potential on court whilst having fun and gaining new skills and friends. The awards scheme is subdivided into many building blocks so that it is easy to monitor progress. There are 3 colour-coded stages (RED, ORANGE and GREEN). Each colour-coded stage introduces new skills or further develops previously acquired skills.

Each colour stage is divided into 3 levels with 3 being the most basic and 1 the most advanced - so the full range is from Red 3 to Green 1. Each level is then split into 5 sections (known as SPLATS) with 3 tasks in each splat. Assessment is made on Physical Ability, Technical Skills, Tactical Achievement, Sportsmanship and Off-Court Commitment. Every player is given a special sticker book and as progress is made stickers are awarded. Once the book is completed the player receives a certificate and prize and moves onto the next level.

RED - Aimed at 4-7 years old - Played on a small court with a low bouncing ball and small racket

ORANGE - Aimed at 7-9 years old - Played on a larger court with a higher bouncing ball

GREEN - Aimed at 7-10 years old - Full size court, only difference from the proper game is the ball

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